Caching issues?

I’ve just started using this on a new project and I’ve noticed that the “live link” doesn’t necessarily display the latest iteration of design/code. For example, I am using graphics sent by a client for a logo and didn’t realize until after uploading that the graphic logo has a huge amount of space. So, I fixed the logo image size/crop and uploaded to wordpress again. However, the client is still seeing the old logo-which means the header looks like it’s 1000px tall…not good. The client can’t seem to get it to clear out.

Just thought you should know about this and find out if there’s a solution that I’m missing. BTW, I’m seeing the correct logo on my machine using the same live link.


Hi Jennifer,

Your client’s browser might be hanging onto the assets tight. You can tell them to hold shift when clicking on refresh to make sure they see the latest images and CSS.

Also, another thing you can try is disabling “Dev Mode” if your site is running the “Preferred” environment. The toggle is in the top-right of the site info panel.

If you don’t see it, then the site is running “Custom” and there isn’t a caching layer like “Preferred.”

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Thanks for the reply. I let them know.