Live link isnt working anymore

the live link isn’t working anymore for my clients to view the website. ?? what happened? it was working fine last week and now this morning, before a meeting was supposed to happen, it doesn’t. :frowning:

When i clicked on the live link, i got this message:

What is going on? How can I use this program if it doesnt allow anyone but me on my computer to see the work??


I just tried on my install it still works.
What version of local are you on?



I figured out what the problem was, it was the w3 total cache plugin. i have noticed when I get a caching plugin turned on on the local site, the site has problems.

Have you guys noticed this being an issue? Is this a common thing to come up, I have to leave the caching plugin off until I upload to live site? I have noticed other posts in the community forum that say the live link is not working and little response from Flywhee staff.

I am on V 2.2.4 and it already “checked for updates” through local by flywheel.

Thank you.