Can Local Beta run alongside existing versions of Local (3.3.0 and 5.0.x)?


Can this exist alongside other versions of Local (3.3.0 and 5.0.x)?

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No i installed and it override the prev install.

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You should be able to run Local Beta along side both Local (5.0+) and Local by Flywheel (<5.0).


Are you seeing this with macOS or Windows? Also, which version of Local did it end up conflicting with? Local or Local by Flywheel?

Hi @clay

it has been a while :slight_smile:
I had it on Windows and i just installed it over the then latest Local beta wich was 5.0.7



@clay a little followup.

I can install it alongside 5.0.X on mac so that is no problem.
It seems that for now only windows overrode the older local version.

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Got it! I’ll look into it on Windows.

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Thanks again for reporting the issue on Windows! A fix will be available this week in the next update of Local Beta. :slight_smile:

This is Great! :tada::tada: