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Will Local Beta 5.1.1 install alongside previous versions?

Same question as before :wink:

What happens if I run the installer for the 5.1.1 beta?
Will it overwrite previous versions, if so which versions will it overwrite?
How does the installer behave on Windows 10 and on Mac?

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Installing 5.1.1 will overwrite the “Local Beta” program. The actual sites and settings should be ok, but it’s also Beta software, so make sure to have backups!

The main thing to know is that each general App will replace the App with the same name. So for example:

  • An update to “Local by Flywheel” will update the 3.3.x line
  • An update to “Local” will (as of right now) update the 5.0.x line
  • An update to “Local Beta” will update the 5.1.x line

The actual version numbers will change as time goes on, but you can think of those three things as the main paths that can be updated along.

In terms of what will be overwritten, things are pretty separate, and the actual site data should be in tact when updating. It’s always a good idea to have backups, especially of important things, but in general you should be able to update without issues to the individual sites.

Just to give some visual feedback – I am able to run all three of those versions side-by-side: