Can Only Access My Local Website on ONE Laptop

Please someone help me with this. BEFORE I started work on my website (I am totally new to Local), I downloaded Local on one of my laptops. This is the laptop I started working on the Local website with. It’s an older, slower computer, but it seems to work fine with Local. So, I started in with the site, and things were going fine.

Now, I have another, newer laptop, and I wanted to download Local on that, just to have it on there.

Well, I tried to access Local on the NEWER laptop, and it would not recognize my Wordpress credentials at all…I could not log in at all, even though these SAME Local/Wordpress credentials work just fine on my OLD laptop.

So all this scared me, in that if this OLD laptop breaks down, how will I be able to access my site to work on it, if I have to use my NEW laptop.

I really, really need some help here to alleviate my worries. Why, specifically, would I NOT be able to use my Local credentials (login info) on another computer of mine?

ANY help is appreciated, because I am VERY worried here!


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