PLEASE HELP! Cannot Use Local on Two Different Laptops

Issue Summary

Hello, I am new to Local. I downloaded Local on one laptop, and begin creating a website on it. However, I recently bought a NEW laptop, and wanted to use Local on it as well. I downloaded the Local software on the new laptop, but when I tried to sign in, it says “It Looks Like You Haven’t Created Any Sites Yet”. This really scares me, because I do not want my content lost, and only accessible on one laptop. And I fear if I log out on my old laptop, I will not be able to log in again on ANY PC.

None of this is making any sense to me, and REALLY need some help here. I cannot imagine Local being only tied to ONE laptop/computer. Attached is a screen shot.


All sites created in Local are local to the machine that created them. If you wish to transfer the site to another machine you must export the site from the old machine and import it into the new machine.

The sites are not online unless you have an account on Flywheel hosting and they are there.

THANK YOU for getting back to me about this, Andy. I thought it has SOMETHING to do with that, but was not entirely certain. I actually create my content offline (just simple blogs for now, made with Word), so I have my content always saved securely offline. For now, I can just use this old laptop to practice with, then throw it all on the newer PC once I absolutely have to (when this old laptop breaks down).

My follow up question is, if for some reason my laptop here breaks down, and I have to go to the new laptop, can I still use my same Local website name I chose, or do I have to pick one entirely different, since technically it’s a different site?

My apologies for not knowing any of this…it’s a work in progress.

Simplest way is to right click on the site and choose export. You can drop that into the new install of Local and it should import fine.

Thank you, sir. All of this has been very confusing. I was just scared I wouldn’t have access to my content anymore if my laptop broke; I save it offline anyway, But still, I didn’t want the work lost.

What you must remember is all the posts, pages, and such are in the database, not in files.

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