Cannot access through http but can access web through https

I don’t have a domain name so I am using my public ip to access my webpage on the server. When I use the website works well but when I try to use http to access it shows
Welcome to nginx!
If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required.
Does anyone know how to fix it

If you’re using Local you don’t need to have a purchased domain name because your site isn’t live. So you could name it whatever you like to proceed.

Or is there another reason you prefer to work with the IP address option?

I want to access it through another computer so I set my ip address as my domain

This isn’t really the intended use of Local. If you wanted to work on your site on another machine you could download Local there and then import a copy of the site. An easy way would be to use our Cloud Backups feature to upload it.

Cloud Backups

If you just wanted to view the site you could leave Local running on Machine A and send a Live Link to yourself to open on Machine B.

Otherwise your best bet might be to push the site to a demo or staging version somewhere. For example Flywheel has free 14 day demos. Demo Site

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