Cannot login as admin (login fails message)

Every time I tried to login as ADMIN in my local site, I end in the site, but with no access whatsoever to the ADMIN dashboard.
I have checked the wp-login.php file and it hasn’t change (I meant, it last written date is not recent, so no changes on said file that might explain the issue).
It happens to a particular site running on LOCAL, all other sites that I have still work. No problem in accessing the admin dashboard, except for that particular one.

Any hint on how to deal with this problem?

The issue started when I update Local to 5.6.3 (the newest version) and as I said, only affected one of my sites. (but is the one that have the most work already done). When I start the site and click the admin button (which normally leads to the admin dashboard) the URL indicates:
First: http://mysitename.local/wp-admin/?cache-buster=296
and then says: http://mysitename/?login=failed
And shows the site as it is seen by a standard user/viewer

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