Wp-admin authentication

I’ve just installed localwp on my computer, the first think I did was to test if everything looked good by creating a test website, I think I’ve done all the process correctly, but I’m facing an issue which is I cannot connect to the wordpress wp-admin, the authentification page displays but when I fill the fields and click on login, the page just refresh but the wordpress administration page never load, I tried to create other website with other login but It still doesn’t work as I expect.

Hopefully to have a quick answer thanks for your understanding and supporting.

Yep! That’s the same issue I am having. I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve made several attempts to create a new test site, but it continues to give me the same issue. I can’t log into it at all. I hope someone can guide us on how to resolve this issue.

Hi @dev-Cissokho and @Yoshika

What OS are you on? You might be running into this known bug:

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