Can't access site. Changed from .dev to .local

I suddenly lost access to my .dev site and following the advice on this forum changed it the domain name to .local.

The SSL is trusted.

  • I tried changing the domain names to .test or back to .dev.
  • I restarted the site on Flywheel
  • I restarted Flywheel
  • I followed some advice on this forum to do with Virtualbox that was to power off Flywheel. Still nothing

The error messages have been changing and currently I get one that says “server IP address could not be found.” ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

Also for some reason in the address bar the website address shows up with “www.www.www.www” in front.

I work on Mac using Chrome.

Can anyone help? I’m not a techie so need simple directions. I’m trying to migrate a personal website I build on Wordpress by teaching myself from scratch.