Changed URL to .local or .test is redirecting back to .dev

I recently changed the URL on one of my sites to .local to fix the conflict with .dev, but .local keeps redirecting back to the old .dev URL and giving the error:

This site can’t be reached
This site on the company, organization or school intranet has the same URL as an external website.

Try contacting your system administrator.

I have re-trusted the SSL cert, and also tried changing the URL to .test

Not sure what else to do. Please help.

I look forward to the answer to this support request because I am having the same problem. Occurs in Google Chrome (v63) and FF (v57). Prevents me from accessing my local development site using *.test domain extension. Running Local By Flywheel v2.2.1.

This could be a few thing @richardb – maybe asking these questions will help:

  • Sort of sounds like caching. Did you try an incognito window, or even restarting the computer?
  • How did you update the urls? Maybe the old url still exists in the DB in certain places?
  • Do you have any plugins that might be monkeying around with the URL? For example – redirection, forcing HTTPS, etc

One way you can get a better idea of the flow of the request is to look at the Network tab in Chrome’s developer console. Navigate to “Settings > More Tools > Developer Tools” and select the “Network” tab. Make sure you have “Preserve Log” enabled so that you can see any redirects that happen. Open this panel up before you navigate to the page so that you can see every part of the page request. Here is a screenshot to help illustrate:

For the above screenshot, I was using a plugin to force HTTPS. Note that the first item gives a 301 response while the next item gives a 200 – success.

Since 301s are typically cached by the browser, you can try clearing the cache on that individual request by right-clicking that line and selecting “Clear Browser Cache”.

From there, you can keep tinkering and exploring what might be causing the issue.

Hope that helps you debug a bit more, and give you some ideas for fixing it!

– Ben

Hi Ben, thanks for helping me out with this.

  • Tried incognito and restarting my pc, but neither worked
  • I updated the URL’s via the Site Setup tab on Local under Site Domain and then I just clicked “change”
  • There is a plugin installed for forcing HTTPS as well as a redirection plugin. I just tried renaming those plugin folders in an attempt to disable them, but the redirect is still happening.

Also, I setup the network tab like you described, and here is what I see

I tried disabling the cache on the line with the failed status, but that didn’t help either.

I got the same problem here.
I do all this steps plus click in Trust on the tab SSL


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