Getting Error - local by flywheel checking system

Hi there,
Please could someone help? I have used local by flywheel(version 3.3.0) for many months now and I have several sites I am working on. However, since yesterday I have not been able to open it because when I try to open it, it remains stuck on Checking System…
I’ve not installed or running it via Virtualbox because I read online that that might need to be updated.

The problem I have now is that I have some sites in it that I have spent time to design which worth 2 months of work. I can’t access them…
I have noticed that there is a new version, 5.2.3 which I have just installed. This new version is opening fine, I installed a new wordpress and it works fine.
Please how can I recover my files from version 3.3.0? I have many sites in it and I can’t afford to loose them.
Please can someone help??

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