Can't connect to DB via Sequel Pro

I’m in the process of transitioning from Local 3.3 to Local 5.4.2.

In 3.3 I can connect to site DBs via Sequel Pro without problem.

In 5.4.2, I can’t. I can connect to site DBs in 5.4.2 via Adminer but I’d much rather use Sequel Pro.

When I go to connect in 5.4.2 via Sequel Pro, Sequel Pro hangs saying “Connecting …”

If you’ve got a quick fix, great. If I need to provide more details, please let me know what you’d like.

Nevermind. For reasons I don’t understand, connecting via Sequel Pro is working now.

I still cannot connect to Sequel Pro on my end, it (SP) crashes immediately on connection. Went back to Version 3 and everything connects fine and works as expected.

Local 5.x requires the nightlies for Sequel Pro. Something to do with MySQL 8.

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Thank you @afragen I will give this a try… seems like something that the app itself should tell users :slight_smile: but thank you for the heads up. I am still not sure I can confidently make the switch yet, the whole reason was to push to a client’s WPEngine account and that failed badly.

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