Can't create database ‘local’; database exists

I have deleted the old local app and installed the new one. I try to import a site ( made a zip of it first ) located in my Local Sites folder. It starts the process but then I got a long error message that contains this: Can’t create database ‘local’; database exists

Where are the databases located on my mac? Can I locate them and delete old ones?

I have the exact same issue, were you able to figure it out somehow?

Hi Louise, no I am afraid not.


Hi Louise,

I found a solution:

I use a Mac and under User, Library, Application support, there was a folder called Local by Flywheel. I deleted it and now it works ok.

  • Johannes

i have the same issue, but i’m on windows and can’t find the same folder. i’ve uninstalled the older local by flywheel app.

I am having the same exact issue, but I do not see that folder in there. I am running macOS Catalina. What am I missing here?