Can't log in to local site


I have created a new site and I am now unable to log in to my admin panel. It doesn’t matter what user/password combination I use (I use a password manager, so I have all of my passwords saved). Nothing is working. I have clicked on forgot your password in the login UI, but there is no reset link sent
to my email (and I have tried several times…checked my spam folder, etc…).

How can I resolve this?


You need to check the email using Mailhog under Utilities.

Hi afragen,

Thanks for responding to me. I’m not sure what to do as I’ve never heard of Mailhog before. Is this
something that I would find from within the LocalByFlywheel application interface? Why am I not getting
a reset link sent to me after having clicked on lost password in the admin login UI?



In case this helps anyone else, I created a new user via the wp-cli like so (after reading this post: Local Site Wordpress Login):

wp user create <username> <email> --role=administrator --user_pass=mypassword

I am now able to log in with my new user, though I am still unable to reset/retrieve my password from my original user.

In the Local app with your site selected click on a he Utilities tab.

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Thanks again for trying to help me out @afragen. Hmmmm…I do not see any messages with a reset link. In fact, there are 0 messages in the/my inbox. I’m not sure what Enable Jim means… I went to the Github page and it’s not clear what I need to do (at least at first glance) or if I need to do anything at all.

I’m a bit confused.


Hey @juliettet

This FAQ has more info on resetting your password within Local:

If using Mailhog doesn’t get the password updated for you, you can use the second option of resetting or creating a new user with wp-cli.

The only thing I would add to those instructions is that you can see a list of all the users of the site by opening the site using SSH (like in the “Method B” instructions) and then using this command:

wp user list

This will get you more info on the username and email that is being used for the users on the site.

Let us know if that helps clear things out!

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Thanks Ben (many moons later!!),

I just came across this issue yet again and ended up back on this very same thread to troubleshoot. Using wp-cli works for me.