Create new WP admin password

Hi, I am unable to create a new WP admin password. I don’t remember my previous password. I tried it using open shell, but that was not successful. Can anyone help me with this? I also attempted to recover your password but received no emails in response.

Emails sent from Local are captured by Mailhog and not sent to your regular inbox. Within the Local app, select the site in question, then the Tools tab from the right side. Finally, click on Open Mailhog.

Now go through the recover password process, and the email should appear within the Mailhog inbox.

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Hi @kamblerohit! We have a help article here that goes through resetting via the command line route, but you can also use the mail process that @burt has outlined as well!

HI, I am unable to click the mailhog. Can you help me with this? Thanks

@kamblerohit You need to start the site first – the Open Mailhog link will then be enabled.

Thanks, burt, It worked. Just one more thing, is it possible that my teammates can also access my website just like WordPress? if yes? Is the process of sharing access the same

Hi @kamblerohit - Other users cannot access your Local site. You can share a preview of it with Live Links, but if they need to work on it you’ll either have to export a copy to share with them, or you could push the Local site up to a Demo or Staging site that they could then pull back down.

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