CentOS 7 + Webmin + Virtualmin + Apache + Local?

Hey gang! I’m running a VPS unmanaged with Contabo. I have CentOS installed and I’m not using cPanel. I’m using Webmin with Virtualmin. Really love it. It’s a free panel but I like it better than cPanel and having root access is nice as well.

Local is ridiculously cool. I’ve been looking for something like this for YEARS! I played around with MAMP but never got into it.

The problem is I think my server setup is apache based, and not nginx? I know I cannot use local to magically push or pull to/from my server (since I’m not hosted on WPEngine), but if I’m willing to manually download .zip backups, edit them in Local, then export the .zip and reupload them to my sites, that works.

But do you know if this process would be more error prone due to my apache server? Or should it be fine since it’s all at the WP site level, not the server level?