Transferring from MAMP to LOCAL

Hey all, I have been developing locally on MAMP, and looking for information on transferring my current sites from MAMP to LOCAL…thanks for any and all help in advance

I recommend doing the following:

  1. Make sure you’re on Local 1.4.1 or newer
  2. On your MAMP site install and activate Duplicator
  3. Go to Duplicator in the WordPress Admin and create a new “Package” that’s a full site backup
  4. Once the backup completes download the .zip (installer.php isn’t needed) to a safe space
  5. Open Local and trigger the import by doing one of these three things
    • Drag and drop the backup .zip onto the main Local window
    • Drag and drop the backup .zip onto Local’s Dock icon (macOS only)
    • Click on the plus sign to add a new site and click on “Add Site From Archive…” and then browse to the .zip
  6. Continue through the import site steps
    • Note: Make sure the site domain in Local is different than what it is in MAMP!
  7. Done!
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Thanks…but none of my theme options (custom fonts, logos, etc.) came through? – any thoughts there?

Is there any way you can provide a screenshot of how it’s supposed to look and one of how it looks after importing?

Sure – can I do so privately?

Yup! You can private message me here or you can e-mail me at

right on, clay. thanks for the help

Is there a way to do this manually? I can’t get MAMP running to open up my sites to use Duplicator and, in fact, have been reading up on what a great option Local By Flywheel is since my MAMP stopped working a couple days ago. I’m hoping I can figure out the file structure of Local By Flywheel and move them over but I’m sure I’ll have to dive into a file or two to change the site domain, as you mention above.


Can you still access the MAMP databases with phpMyAdmin?

If so, you could just do manual migrations over to your Local by Flywheel environment, by exporting and then importing the database into Local. You then just copy the wp-content folder only, and leave all the installed WordPress core files in the Local environment.
Files in Local are in Users > yourname > Local Sites > sitename > app > public
Gregg Davis,

Hej clay,

It seems i’m having similar issues. No custom font’s, logo’s, themes etc. I’ve peeked through every thread I could find to no avail. Thoughts?