Change Local Connect Exclude Files

According to the documentation for Local Connect there is a list of excluded files that will NOT be pulled from WP Engine when you pull a site. Unfortunately .github/workflows/workflow-file.yml is not in this path list so when I pull from WPE via Local Connect it deletes my github automated deployment to WPE.

Is there a way to add items to this list so they get ignored when you pull a site?

Thanks for bringing this up and Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

This is something I have on my list to document better, but basically, because Local’s Connect to WP Engine is built on DevKit (WPE’s original offline dev environment) many of the same things still apply.

See this reply for more details:

But basically, you can create a .wpe-pull-ignore file in the site root (the app/public folder) with the various things you want ignored.

You can also fine tune what is pushed (if you use that piece of Connect to WPE) by creating a .wpe-push-ignore file.

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