How to exclude development files from push/pull to/from Flywheel sites?

Issue Summary

How am I able to exclude files from being pushed to Flywheel server

Rationale: Pushing files and folders to the www root may result in unexpected permission changes on Flywheel

Troubleshooting Questions

Use cases for excluding files from push/pull to/from Flywheel sites:

  • excluding custom media folders
  • excluding specific vendor folders, node_module, and source files only used in development
  • excluding cache files, and other plugin artifacts that are specific to each environment

In the docs, these are the closest I could find to a working model, but they relate to wp-engine:

Here are some other threads that are related, but they appear unresolved/ignored:


I have submitted support tickets / chats to Flywheel due to the unexpected changing of ownership after files are pushed using localwp - they end up somehow as owned by root:root making them inaccessible. This has happened a few times.

System Details

  • All versions

Right now there isn’t a way to globally ignore files or folders. I think the closest thing is to use the Magic Sync viewer to un select the files that you don’t want to deploy.

I can see how that would become annoying if you never want to deploy the .github or node_modules folders. Probably the best thing to do would be to create a feature request along the lines of allowing users to specify files and folders that should be ignored when using Local Connect.

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