Change Login URL

I have a remote site with a changed login url. I want to mirror this on my local installation and have used a plugin on both sites.

How do I change the url so the Admin button in Local goes to my new url?

Hi Stuart,

We’ll look into supporting this!

What plugin are you using to change the login path?

Hi Clay,

Is there a way for me to change it on my local installation anywhere?

I’m using WPS Hide Login which makes it easy to change this on the fly for clients!

Not at the moment. Right now it simply appends /wp-admin to the URL.

Thanks! We’ll look into supporting this and other popular hide login plugins automatically.

Thanks Clay,

Two feature requests then:

  1. Field to set a custom login URL
  2. Ability to change db prefix prior to creating a local installation.

Both of these are security features I’m doing quite often (#2 - always!)

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Any way to do this since? Automatically supporting all the different plugins that do this won’t work IMO. Custom login and security plugins do this in different ways, renaming wp-admin and/or wp-login.php.

Hi @dgma,

Right now it’s not supported.

One thing you can do is use the Custom environment in Local and adjust the web server config accordingly to redirect /wp-admin and /wp-login.php to the hidden paths. The config files are in the site’s app/conf directory.

Using the actual web server configs to do this will ensure that it won’t redirect when you push your site to your host. :slight_smile:

Great idea. I think Apache redirects require absolute URLs for the target, though. It seems that this way when I clone a site or create a new site based on a blueprint, the redirects will all point to the original site’s backend. Any way to avoid that? Also, will this configuration not be overwritten when the next Local update is installed?

Never mind, it was easier to do using PHP for me.