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Change Site Domain or SSL?

I’m building a WP site with LocalWP and believe I have to change one of these settings to be able to create a link to send to my client for their review. Is it the .local Site Domain that I need to change? To what?

Site Domain: ajs-happy-chick-farm.local
SSL: ajs-happy-chick-farm.local.crt

Hey @lbohen

Are you seeing an error that prevents you from creating a Live Link? If a site has been started, you should be able to click the “Live Link” button at the bottom of the site overview page in Local.

This help doc has a bit more info about using Live Links:

I clicked on the Live Link and got this: 2d982649847e.ngrok.io

What do you see when you go to that link?

It looks like this is using the free version of Live Links, which uses Ngrok. I do see the site, but unfortunately, Ngrok doesn’t allow us much flexibility in terms of getting a page-builder like Divi to look good over Live Links.

Since you are trying to share this work with a client, I would recommend using Connect to push the site to a demo site on Flywheel. That way you can have the site on a staging url for up to 14 days for free and not have to worry about keeping a connection to the Internet open.

Here’s a help doc with more info about using Connect with Flywheel:

Could you reply with a screen shot of what you see?

Hey, sorry for the delay with a response. It looks like the tunnel connection has expired. I can take another try at it later, but for more stability of the connection, I’d recommend pushing this to a staging or development site.

Here’s a fresh live link: 976ba6d0678a.ngrok.io

Here’s what I see:

This is the typical error that the free version of Live Links gives when the connection to the Local site is broken. This can be due to things like the Live Link expiring, the wifi connection for the computer being disrupted, or even if the computer has gone to sleep.

Because of this, sharing a Live Link is best done when the communication is happening in almost realtime. For something like sharing via email or here in the forums where a response might not be immediate, it might make more sense to deploy the site to a temporary location so that whoever you are sharing your work with can visit it on their own time.

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