Changing root in Apache


Thanks for this software, on my Mac I have just started using this and I intend it to use with other fantastic framework i.e. Bedrock. I am a newbie for both localwp and bedrock so apologizing in advance if I am repeating this or asking a very basic question, Though I have tried finding the solution here and also googled it but could not found any solution.

This is what I have done so far:

  • Created a new site in Flywheel using custom config by selecting Apache as the WebServer

  • In ~/Local Sites/myflywheelsite/app/ I fired command to install bedrock

  • After Bedrock is installed, I removed the public directory including all files/folders in it

Now I am stuck where to find the file/location where I should point the new root / change the webroot from /app/public/ to /app/bedrock/web/
Any leads would help!!

Thanks in Advance!!

+1 - I would also like to know where to update the webroot for use with bedrock and apache

Here’s a guide to using Roots Bedrock with Local.

Some minor details have changed since it was written in January 2019, but it’s still applicable.

For more info, search the Roots Community Forums at

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