Changing Site Name, local server access and uploading to a different host

Hello all,

New to Local and fairly new to WordPress so please let me know if I should be posting to a specific category or if I missed an obvious FAQ entry.

I don’t have a host at present and wondered if it was possible for my PC and Local to act as a server so that someone can check my site while it is being developed. I could of course set up of remote access with a tool such as TeamViewer, but I wondered if there was a more direct possibility with Local.

I also know that the site name is destined to change as no relevant domain has been acquired as yet. How do I change the site name, and will that take care of all the underlying folders of the existing site?

Finally, until such time I have selected a relevant host (of which Flywheel is of course first on the list if the budget allows), how do I upload the site to another provider (if I cannot find a solution to my first question, I am hoping to find a free host on which to upload the site just for the development period).

Thank you for your answers and suggestions.

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Hello. Could someone lease help?

@atempel’s answer in Can I give remote access to my WP Admin with Flyxheel Local? - Support - Local Community is spot on for this. I know you’ve already seen it, but I’m linking it for others :slight_smile:

The site domain (and optionally the site name) can and will be changed when migrating from Local to your host of choice. If you use Flywheel, this is automatically handled for you when you Push and Pull the site.

If you use a different host, your best bet is to use a plugin such as Duplicator to create a backup of your Local site. Once the backup is done, you can upload the package (their word for a backup) created by Duplicator as well as the installer.php to your host using [S]FTP.

Here’s a great video that goes through that process with Duplicator:

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Trying to get my (pro-bono) client to host with Flywheel but unlikely as her first rial will be with cheaper host. So it sounds like Duplicator for me. The only thing I am not clear on is how I and when I change the site name (I don’t seem to be able to do that in Local), and whet happens to all the permalinks in WP. But I will watch the video you kindly recommended and see just how far I can get.

Thank you very much for taking he time to answer. So helpful.

Hi Clay and all,

I set up WP on the host server and Duplicator on Flywheel Local. I am ready to create my first package, but the following is the first entry in the Packages Tab of Duplicator:

_In order to use mysqldump the PHP function shell_exec needs to be enabled. This server currently does not allow shell_exec to run. Please contact your host or server admin to enable this feature. For a list of approved providers that support shell_exec click here. The ‘PHP Code’ setting will be used until this issue is resolved by your hosting provide_r.

Since I haven’t provided any info about the hosting server, I presume this refers to the unaivailbilty of said functionality in Flywheel Local.

Since I understand about 10ù of that message, my question is simple. Do I proceed with one of the other two settings (PHP code, PHP code + Chunking), whatever they mean, or do I do something so that the recommended Duplicator setting (Mysqldump) works in Flywheel Local?

Thank you for your advice.

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Interesting! I haven’t heard of this happening with Duplicator on Local.

Is this the plugin that you’re using? Duplicator – WordPress Migration & Backup Plugin – WordPress plugin |

Also, can you provide a screenshot of the Duplicator error in your browser?

Will do. Thanks Clay.