Cloned Sites display green running state in UI even when not running

Cloned sites display as running, even when no sites are actually running. Closing and opening App does not fix the issue.

I see this is a known bug, for example here’s a thread describing the same issue ( In this thread there’s a path leading to a JSON file that might fix the issue, however the path is a Windows app path, and not an Apple path. Which means I don’t know where to find this file. Can anyone please assist me with this?

EDIT: I found the correct file path on OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Local/sites.json

Solution is to remove "status": "running", lines from that file.

Thanks for reminding me about that issue! I’ve moved it from being contained within the “support” category and into the actual Bug category (which didn’t exist when that issue was first reported!)

I’ve also added a comment to the topic description that include links to that sites.json file for the various OSes.

Thanks for taking the time to reply here in the forums and help make things better!

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