Compile WebP Support for GD

We are using GD to generate WebP images in our projects.

I just setup my first project using Local, and when logging into wp-admin I get the following error:

CRITICAL ERROR: PHP GD Was not compiled with WebP Support! You must manually recompile the module with WebP support

Does anyone have an idea of how to get WebP support working with GD and PHP in Local?

Thank you!


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I would like this feature available as well in Local Lightning.

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I too would like to see webp support, but also consistent PHP configurations over all versions;

8.0.0: GD support; yes, webp in GD: no, ImageMagick support: no.
7.4.1: GD support; yes, webp in GD: no, ImageMagick support: yes, webp in ImageMagick: no
7.3.5: GD support; yes, webp in GD: no, ImageMagick support: no.
5.6.39: completely broken.

I would like to request that all PHP versions are configured with webp support in GD and a working ImageMagick with webp support as WordPress 5.8 will be released tomorrow with native webp support; we need to be able to develop for it.

Or; as an alternative; instructions on how to recompile a localwp PHP binary :wink:

Has there been any traction on getting this to work? It’s been almost two years since the ticket was opened and it doesn’t appear that there’s been any movement on it.

If the team doesn’t plan on compiling GD and ImageMagick, can you at least provide a way to use a locally compiled (outside the Local Application) version to make sure things work?

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Need this !! :slight_smile:

Hi all - WebP is fully supported with the latest Local release, v6.4.3! We’ll make sure this is included in any future changes to our PHP versions going forward. Thanks for your patience while we worked on upgrades to all of our PHP versions!

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