GD does not show support for JPEG

Local 5.6.3 config is nginx, PHP 7.4.1, WP 5.4.2, and phpinfo() does not show JPEG support within GD:

Compared to Local 3.3.0 which does:

Comment on PHP docs indicates that the GD flag needs to come after the with-jpeg-dir flag.

This is semi-urgent, as I’m doing a full-site build, and WordPress is not generating the different sizes of the images.

Can someone else please at least indicate if they’re having the same issue, so I know if it’s just me or not?

Can someone please indicate if they are or are not having the same issue?

Hi @crstauf,

Sorry for the trouble with GD/ImageMagick! This has been resolved in Local 5.6.8. It hasn’t hit the auto-updater quite yet so you’ll need to upgrade manually.

If you are seeing this issue in PHP 5.6 or 7.4, please see ImageMagick in Local 5.x

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Thank you, @clay! Working now!

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