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Is there still no solution to adding webp images to a localwp site?

This image cannot be processed by the web server. Convert it to JPEG or PNG before uploading.

I can’t seem to find a straight answer to this…

Hey @blackstar.design – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

That’s correct, there isn’t an easy way to enable additional PHP extensions within Local. See this related topic that also is asking about webp:

Any updates on this issue? Seems to be a PITA. :frowning:

I’d like to test newly released Performance Lab plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/performance-lab/) on LocalWP installation.
Any chance we’ll get webp support in LocalWP?

Hi all,

Yes, there are plans to support webp within Local. That said, I don’t have a date or ETA to promise on when this will be available. I’m in agreement that sooner is better.

We’re wrapping up a project in the next couple of weeks and then the development team would like to step back and look at our “lightning services” - how Local bundles the software that ships with Local - more holistically. Support for webp will be in that conversation.

I will update the community as soon as we have concrete plans or when to expect a release that will support this.


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Same here. Looking forward for your team to add this feature as it starts to become essential nowadays. JPEG is ancient.

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Can i chip in and also note there is no webp support with php8 in local? Any roadmaps when this is happening?

Still no support as of August 15th

Still no support for WebP as of Sept 21?

Local is falling behind here - "webp" | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

Hey @stilfx - I hadn’t posted here yet, but WebP support is officially included with the latest release of Local - Releases - Local

Have you tried with the updated build of Local?

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@austinwendt I did not see that release! For some reason the Mac OS 6.4.2 > Check For Updates feature is not picking up the latest version.

I’ll update now and report back, though I am sure it works.

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6.4.3 works as expected. Thank you for the update and everyone’s hard work, great product!

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You bet, glad to help! The update roll-out slowly builds up to 100% of all users, and we just hit 100% this morning; must have been just after you checked :slight_smile: We took this one a bit slower due to the certificate changes on MacOS.

Formal post - WebP is fully support with the latest Local release, v6.4.3! We’ll make sure this is included in any future changes to our PHP versions going forward. Thank you for your feedback and helping make Local great!

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