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WebP Image Support

Please add support so that we can upload WebP images. It’s a lot better than JPEG and it is supported in all major browsers and operating systems. For now, my workaround it to use JPEG images on local and then replace them with WebP ones when the website goes online. It does the trick but if you have a website with hundreds of photos, it takes lot of time.
Thanks a lot.

Hi @Stelios - we should have merged this with another WebP feature request, but good news - WebP is fully support with the latest Local release, v6.4.3! We’ll make sure this is included in any future changes to our PHP versions going forward. Thank you for your feedback and helping make Local great!


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Hello there,

This feature request was resolved quite a while ago with v6.4.3 & Local does in fact support WebP! :tada:

In an effort to keep the forums tidy, I’ll be moving this to the new Completed Feature Requests category.

Thank you for helping to make Local so great,