Compressing error when "Save as Blueprint" in Local 7.1.0 on macOS Ventura

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Error when creating a blueprint

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When creating a blueprint, during compression, it fails to finish the process and gets stuck. Then, when I exit and enter the application (Local) again, the created blueprint can be seen. When creating a site from the blueprint, it is created apparently without problems.

System Details

  • Local Version: 7.1.0+6396

  • Operating System (OS) and OS version: macOS Ventura 13.4

Local Logs

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local-lightning.log (108.0 KB)

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Hi @borseba

Is this just happening for a specific site or any site you try to create a Blueprint for? For example, if you create a new blank site, and try to save a Blueprint from that do you run into the same problem?

Yes. With a clean install of Local, it saves the blueprint with no problems (I just noticed).

I started testing and found that the problem is generated with the Twenty Twenty-Three theme enabled. If I change the theme to Twenty Twenty-One it compresses without problems.

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Glad to hear it! Thanks for sharing your fix @borseba :green_heart:

No problem!

The strange thing is that the clean install of Local also uses the Twenty Twenty-Three theme.

I attach screenshot of the plugins used in my custom install which does not allow to save the blueprint with the Twenty Twenty-Three theme (but with Twenty Twenty-One it can). It doesn’t affect me in any case, I don’t care because this is the base installation I use for all my projects, then I install the specific theme and plugins I need.

I’m glad it’s not impacting your workflow and you’re able to move forward! It would seem like the Twenty Twenty-Three theme and the plugins are creating some type of conflict but I’m not sure why. Since there are only 4 as a test you could try deactivating them one at a time. After each deactivation, you could try creating a Blueprint to see if it goes through. That way you’d know if there was a specific plugin throwing a wrench in the works with the Twenty Twenty-Three theme.

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