Confused on how to add a non wordpress site to local

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Cannot figure out how to input db host/username/password/ etc credentials.

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Added new site like I have done previously for successful wp sites. Deleted all wp files under app/public folders. Unzipped new non wp site and uploaded folders/files to app/public folders. Opened database and deleted all wp tables. Opened site and I am stuck when prompted to add db credentials to create a new db. Don’t know what the host is or user or psswd etc is to complete the steps for creating the tables using the install feature of the non wp site.

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    Windows 10

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Hi @nootkan

You should be able to use these:

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Finally found some time to try this again. Still no go.

Tables in database but when browsing to webpage I get internal error.

Php Logs says imagick not installed but the installation works fine when using wamp on my local server. And I make sure that wamp is completely disabled when re-running Local including checking my processes running.

And it is optional according to the requirments:

  • PHP version 7.2 or newer
  • MySQL database
  • MySQLi module for PHP
  • GD module for PHP
  • ImageMagick module for PHP (optional)

Here is what I get when running the install:
Requirements check:

All right, all the requirements have met!

  • PHP version 7.2 or higher
  • PHP version 8.1 or lower
  • MySQLi extension for PHP
  • GD extension for PHP
  • Folder oc-content/uploads exists
  • oc-content/uploads folder is writable
  • Folder oc-content/downloads exists
  • oc-content/downloads folder is writable
  • Folder oc-content/languages folder exists
  • oc-content/languages folder is writable
  • config.php file is writable

BlockquoteC:/my path/AppData/Roaming/Local/lightning-services/php-7.4.30+5/bin/win64/ext\php_php_imagick.dll.dll (The specified module could not be found.)) in Unknown on line 0

Not sure why this would cause any problems as I have one site using the same osclass set up on my live server without imagick.

And ideas?

I’m not sure why it would be throwing that if it’s optional but I can say that Imagick is only compiled for PHP 8.2 at this time. You may want to also bump up to the latest Local release as well if you’re still on 6.7 (current is 7.1).

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Upgraded to the newest version of Local and still same issue. Throwing in the towel on this one for now. Got it working with wamp on my local server albeit slowly but will do for now. If anyone in the future is able to make osclass work on local I’d love to learn how you did it. Thank you Nick-B for all your help much appreciated.

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No problem! Glad you found a solution that will work for you here. Happy Developing :green_heart:

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