Connect to 1&1 (, ..?)

Answer as much information as you can so the community can get a better idea of what it takes to create a Connect integration for a new hosting provider.

Hosting Provider Details:

  • 1&1 ionos

  • (also and maybe others)

  • Describe how the WordPress site is hosted :
    I use us shared hosting but they deliver all kind of services (VPS…). I access my client’s account through their “partner” system. The client have to select you as service provider and then you can manage all folders and databases.

  • Describe how you currently deploy a site from Local to the remote host.
    I use a backup plugin which works perfectly for migration too. Updraft and Vivid-Backup are my favorites (the latest is much cheaper, with a live-time plan!, but a little less user friendly). They offer also staging site options to pull/push full site or DB only … that I am testing.
    Maybe doing this on a local setup would be better to reduce the DB and memory pressure.

Yes please! how do i vote this up?