Connect to Siteground

Ability to push/pull sites with the host, SiteGround.

This would be very helpful

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Flywheel and WPengine are overpriced.

Please add the ability to connect to any host or at least SiteGround.


I agree. There should just be a way to add whatever host you use. There’s literally thousands of hosts, so there must be a way to accomplish this somehow. Siteground is a staple, and should be high-priority imo.

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Hey @Takeshi and @srvantine – Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I’ve merged your replies into this topic that was already focused on SiteGround.

It looks like there are a few different plans available on their homepage, which likely means differences in the underlying architecture.

Can you provide a little more information about the plans you are using? This helps the community to get a better idea of what it takes to create a Connect integration.

  • Describe how the WordPress site is hosted. For example:
    • Is it a traditional VPS or LAMP stack?
    • Is it containerized (Docker/k8s)?
    • Any sort of infrastructure fine-tuning - Caching? Custom Search (like Elasticsearch)? etc.
  • Describe how you currently deploy a site from Local to SiteGround.

Well, I typically use the All In One Migration plugin to do that. I stopped using LocalWP because I
had a problem when migrating my site like that, where the site was pretty messed up and I ended up just redoing it on the live site. I am still having problems with the Custom HTML widget not working correctly.

What would be the incentive for the folks at LocalWP making their product work with Siteground? The whole purpose of providing LocalWP and now LocalWP Pro free is to drive business to their own hosting services.

I guess I didn’t realize that they were tied to those services. I can’t afford the hosting services they offer.

For migration from the local server to SiteGround or another host, I use UpdraftPlus.

I think Local would gain in popularity if this migration feature was offered by default.

In the meantime, I have switched to Mamp Pro, a less sexy user interface but it does the job.

Local’s approach seems strange to me and reminds me of Coda from Panic.

By ignoring or waiting to offer the basic features requested by the users, they were completely overtaken by other solutions.

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I thought about that as well… personally, I’d be more than happy to pay for Local if it meant I could use it with my own hosting provider. I assume many other devs out there would as well, but I guess the free tool + paid hosting business model is more lucrative for them?

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It shouldn’t necessarily be Flywheel/WPEngine’s responsibility to create these integrations. Local is extensible and Siteground could, in theory, create an extension for Local that does this.

Might want to get Siteground devs working with Flywheel to figure this out.

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For sure, but they ARE prompting users with “Another host you’d like to see? Let us know!” so they are likely open to developing more host partnerships. Personally, I think it would be better to have these types of integrations as Add-Ons anyways… hopefully with selective push/pull abilities too!


Maybe that means Local is reaching out to the other hosts to help develop a push/pull add-on.

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I love SiteGround because they are almost always the first hosting provider that adapts to new technologies and always updates their services, offering more value.

I believe that they’ll welcome supporting Local, maybe you need to reach out to them, and they’ll make it happen from their end.

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Joining to the previous opinions:

  • I belive SiteGround is a really high-end quality product
  • that is realpriced
  • therefore making a connection with them would increase the quality of Local too
  • and could give Local more popularity amongst web devs

I love using Local, it is really intuitive, and works with a well designed UI/UX process. If SiteGround would be added, it could be the ultimate tool for me (and I am sure for many other developers) for staging.

Dear Admin(s), please read the last sentence. :smiley: Seems like a bullseye to me.

It would be lovely if you could add siteground to the list of your host. I’ve been working with a bunch of sites under Siteground as it is fast, user-friendly, and affordable.

Adding my voice to this request. I run 2 Go Geek hosting accounts on Siteground and would love to see it added to your list of hosts.

YES please!

Siteground is my go to host. I would really value support for this.
Happy to pay a premium to have it as an addon.