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Connect to SiteGround Please!

Connect to SiteGround Please! 2,800,000 domains Hosted

Hi @RanaRene! Thank you for reaching out! While Siteground is a very popular host our Local Connect feature is reserved for WP Engine and Flywheel. That being said we will have some more options soon to provide easier migration to other hosts. For now, you could check out this previous feature request here where some of the comments might provide resources you can use: Connect to Siteground - #26 by simonxcode

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Agree this is a great host, with a nice agency option, affordable and easy.
Check it out, and add it if possible, more options would make your platform even better.

Why is WP engine so expensive ? How can anyone run a competing business using WP Engine when shopify , webflow offers cheaper plans ?

FYI, Shopify and Webflow aren’t WordPress hosts.