Connect to WP Engine - Upcoming API change will require update

Hi all,

If you are a WP Engine customer who uses Local Connect to push and pull sites, please read this post and follow this thread for updates!

An upcoming release on the WP Engine platform will introduce a breaking change to the API that powers Local’s Connect to WP Engine. The accompanying change has been made in Local and a new release will enter Beta today (5 June) that handles this change.

What this means for you:

  • The breaking change on the WP Engine platform is planned for the end of June. Local Connect will continue to work as normal until this point.
  • If you’re using Local Connect to WP Engine, you’ll need to update to the latest version of Local (to be released this week) to continue using Local Connect prior to the end of the month.
  • After the change on the WP Engine platform, Local Connect to WP Engine will no longer work on older versions of Local.

Important: Local Connect to Flywheel is unaffected.

We’ll communicate exact dates in this thread as we have them, but the Local team wanted to get in front of this early and keep everyone in the loop! Thanks for working with us through the change.

Here is a link to the new Local release that accompanies this change - Local Beta 7.0.0

Following SemVer, this is a breaking change, so we’ll move to Local 7.0! This will roll out to stable production release later this week.

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The release that accompanies this change is now available - Releases - Local

Users can download from the link or simply “Check for Updates” from within the Local app menu.

The WP Engine API change is scheduled for June 27 - after June 27, users will need to be on at least Local v7.0 to continue using Connect to WP Engine.

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