Connection impossible from Wp-login without one-click admin activated

Hello, I can’t connect to my wordpress dashboard from the wp-admin page.
If I use One-click admin of Local, the connection is done without problem. But if I want to log in from the “wp-login” page, as in a real situation, nothing happens. If I enter a wrong identifier I am notified that the identifier does not exist. If I keep the correct username and password, the page reloads but nothing happens, I stay on wp-login.
Has anyone encountered this problem before and have a solution?
thank you

Hi @Gamper34k!

It sounds like you’re running into an issue from a couple of versions ago. It’s now resolved but wasn’t retroactive, so you might have to manually fix it. More details on my recent comment here:

Hey @Nick-B ,

It works ! You are the GOAT

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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