The login page continues to refresh when I attempt to log in after disabling the One-click admin option


Whenever I enable the “One-click admin” option, it functions correctly. However, upon disabling it, I’m unable to log in to my admin dashboard using my credentials.

I’ve attempted to directly update the password in the database, but I’m encountering the same behavior.

It seems that activating the option triggers some local configuration changes that prevent me from reverting to the regular way of logging into the panel.

This issue persists even if I try to migrate my local website to a web server.

To replicate the problem:

Step 1: Create a new site, set a password, and then log in to the site using the provided credentials. It should work at this point.

Step 2: Stop the site, activate the “One-click admin” option, and access the admin panel. It should work without any issues.

Step 3: Stop the site again, deactivate the “One-click admin” option, restart the site, and attempt to log in using your credentials. Unfortunately, this step fails. The login page continuously refreshes without successfully logging you in.

System Details

  • Local Version:

  • Operating System (OS) and OS version:
    Windows 11

Local Logs

There is no relevant error in the logs

Hi @yupee! It sounds like you’re running into an issue that showed up a couple of versions ago. More details here along with how to check and resolve it!

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