Could not update hosts file local by flywheel

Siempre me aparece el mensaje could not update hosts file local by flywheel y el tema es que no tengo instalado ningún antivirus e inclusive desactivé el Firewall de Windows y la protección en tiempo real, osea no tengo nada activado. El archivo hosts en Drivers tiene desactivado solo lectura. No sé que método probar para que funcione, hace mucho tiempo intento y nunca puedo usar Local. Alguna sugerencia???

Follow the link

In addition to switching Local to the localhost Router Mode that @rocky571 shows in the above screencast, you might take a look the things outlined in this FAQ:

2 years Later LOL! Thanks for the fix I Can CONFIRM this has finally worked! NO SSL at the moment. Any work around to get SSL running in localwp after this fix?

Could you please ask Clay to update his 2017 Thread, it’s old and links don’t work for kaspersky. ( I am still trying to follow the tutorial for running in Site Domain )

Eventually we’ll get to them all!

We just need to upgrade these forums to use those internet tubes and not the filing cabinet…

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :japanese_ogre: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nice callout! I’ll schedule some time to take a closer look at how Local works with Kapersky under windows and see how I can update that FAQ!

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