How to resolve "uh oh! could not update host files" problem

Hello, this is my first time using local by flywheel. I can’t seem to get past this message.

I’ve read other posts with users experiencing the same problem however i’ve yet to come across a post that has a solution. The read only attribute in the host file located in c:/windows/system32/drivers is already unchecked, so the host file is not the issue. Can somebody please help resolve this, i’ve been searching high and low for a solution and can’t seem to find none. A side question i also have is, is the database automatically integrated into it, or will i need to create a database for my website?

Hi !

I have the same problem, if someone has any information… Thank you =)


I was running into the same issue. It was my antivirus program blocking the update on the hosts file. I disabled my antivirus protection while setting up the site. After the initial setup was done I closed Local, then enabled the antivirus and finally started local. The local server seems to be working just fine.

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