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Back-up function in Local

I’ve took a back-up of my local Wordpress website I’m making, because I had to reinstall my Mac.
I’ve put back the back-up I’ve made on my Dropbox account to Local, but can’t do anything.
When I click the ADMIN or OPEN SITE button this appears: 404 Not Found

Does anyone know the solution?

Kind regards,

When you created the backup, did you use the Cloud Backups addon? If so, you should be able to create a new site using the Cloud Backups addon and selecting the specific backup you’d like to restore.

If the site backup was made using a different tool, you’ll likely still be able to import the site. Basically, if you have a zip file that contains the wp-content folder along with a database export as a .sql file, you should be good to go by dragging-and-dropping that zip onto Local to start the import process!

This help doc outlines that process in a little more detail:

I’ve used the Backup add-on of Local to make the back-up.

Since this is the backup addon, you should be able to log into your Local account by clicking on the avatar in the upper-left corner of Local. From there, with the Cloud Backups addon installed and activated, you can create a new site and select “Create a site from Cloud Backups addon”

Here’s a gif showing that process:


Hi Ben,
That’s the way I’ve did it. But the problem still lasts.
Has it to do something with the fact Local keeps searching for the WP Version?
That’s something that wouldn’t show up, even after hours.

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Dear Ben,

When I click on “Create a new site” “Create a new site from cloud backup” option is disabled. I’ve already installed and activated cloud backup addon.
P.S: Already created a thread regarding this but Akismet has set hidden that’s why I’m posting this here.

What I think is probably happening is that these backups were created using the old connection to Dropbox.

The main thing that has changed recently around the Cloud Backups add-on and Dropbox is that we needed to re-register a new connection with Dropbox. This means that the original connection had to be broken, however your sites should still be available for manually restoring them using Restic.

You can read more about what the original issue was, and why we needed to fix the connection between Cloud Backups and Dropbox here:

In preparation for this transition, we emailed users that were already connected to Dropbox and asked them to download a backup of their site since this was the easiest way to get a site down and into Local.

Now that the transition has been complete, Local doesn’t have a way to access those old backups, however you can still restore a site manually using Restic by following the steps outlined in this help doc:

Hi Ben,

I finally get to install Restic. So when I start Restic in Terminal and follow the steps, I’ve end up stuck with the folder problem.

From that screenshot, it looks like there’s a few incorrect commands being run, one of them being the actual data from the help doc.

Instead, you’ll need to update the commands for your specific restic repo. I recorded this ~6min video that goes over the process in a little more detail:

I am also having this problem. I notice if I create a new site from scratch, it gives me a chance to specify my WP login / password, but when creating a new site from cloud backup it never does that - and it doesn’t appear to install WP, and is then missing the WP version.

I can’t tell if the rest of this thread is talking about this issue - or if it is related to the issue that was brought up directly below.

non si installa nessun add-on :frowning: windows 10 con l’ultima versione di local.

I’m having the exact same issue. I wanted to work on the site on my laptop while travelling. I backed it up to dropbox, installed local on the laptop, logged in, created site from teh back up. 404 when I try to open the site. It seems to be a common issue for close to a year and nothing is being done to fix this broken feature.