What free backup/restore plugin works?

I have created a new site and Local is working fine. I will be able to deploy to a blank system but beyond that, updates and maintenance I can’t see Local helping because of not being able to find a round trip backup and restore plugin. Having been tied in to premium plugins that failed me I want to get the round trip on a free backup/restore plugin before I commit further.

I have spent two days researching and trying different backup plugins and none so far cut it.

Duplicator wpn’t overwrite my public site (only Pro)
Updraft Plus won’t create a new site in local without the premium migrate extension (and wouldn’t finish the backup anyway)
BackWPUp wouldn’t finish.
I usually use WP-CLI with MU-Migration but I have clients on hosts that won’t allow this.

So can anyone please tell me how I can do the round trip? live to local to live - have I missed the one free plugin for the job?