Credentials not working

I can’t log into my local site. I hit the admin button, it opens the credential for WP and I enter the user name and password. I get- “Username unknown, check again or try your email address. I got no email to reset”. I’ve also tried the live site creds and no luck, what am I doing wrong?

Hi, Iquoma -

Your Local site does not affect your Live site. So, if your cred’s don’t work on your Live site, either you are using the wrong cred’s or your site or database is corrupted.

If your Live site is hosted at Flywheel, you can “break-in” to your Admin by going to your Flywheel Dashboard and going to the Advanced tab, then try to access your Login via the “WP Admin” button next to the gray gear icon on the right.

Also, consider if you have moved your Admin Login to a path/folder other than wp-admin to avoid unauthorized login attempts.

I’m not trying to access the live site. I’m trying to access Local to debug the site. I’m having some issues with woocommerce. When I put the creds that are listed in the local “database” it won’t let me.
local database|690x375

When I go to “lost password” to reset it I don’t get an email. Where does the email go, because it’s not going to the email I entered? I’m not sure if that makes it any clearer, I must be missing something.

The second issue when I hit trust it doesn’t work either. I can’t find any instructions on getting started using Local.

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