Custom environment doesn't work

I use localbyflywheel with Preferred environment and it works well.

In the preferences, I activated Environment Custom because I would like to test my site in an older version of PHP.
When I add a new site, I have What’s your site’s name.
Then as soon as I press continue, I have Setup Wordpress then Add Site.
I can’t get an option to customize the environment.
I have the latest version of the tool (5.0.7+1117) and I’m under Windows 10.
Do you have a solution?
Thank you


I have the same issue on Windows 10 with Local 5.0.7 +1117
And Virtual box doesn’t seem to be installed.

Thanks for help

Hey @jdy68,

Our new Local v5 (and later) doesn’t require VirtualBox :tada: which means it’s way more reliable and faster to startup.

Checkout our latest Local Beta release which includes Custom Environments and other various improvements:

Happy coding!