Unable to change local preferences.

Unable to change local preferences.

Version: 5.0.7 + 1117

OS: Windows10 64bit

Local Environment is not displayed.
The “choose your environment” step that appears when adding a site is not displayed. For that reason
++ PHP version
++ Web server type (nginx or Apache)
++ MySQL version
Cannot be selected.

I want to change my local preferences when adding a site or after adding a site, but I don’t see a button to change or a pull-down to select.

Also, “Local Environment” item is not displayed.

The following items are confirmed.

Sites can be added
The local environment cannot be changed
“Local Environment” item is not displayed
When installing “local by flywheel”, the installation is completed without displaying “VirtualBox”, “Host Machine”, and “Local Image” steps.
I installed “local by flywheel” on other computers, but the situation is exactly the same.

Tell me how I can change my local preferences.

Hey there @koichi69, It looks like you made two topics about this same issue. I’ll close this one and reply to your other one.