Dashboard Not Available, possible fix?

After new migration
Log into admin page
It should have gone straight to the dashboard.
Instead, website home page shows with wordpress menu bar across the top with no dashboard option to select.

In Adminer (database tab in Localwp dashboard)
I checked out xx_usermeta and xx_users (xx= table prefix) as I had read on the net a possible fix to this issue is to add a new admin user via the database.
However I noticed that in xx_usermeta for the proper admin that some of the meta_key values that reference other tables had the the table prefix capitalised. Sure enough SQL is case sensitive.

I went through and edited all the appropriate meta_key values returning the table prefix to lower case, saved, and the normal admin now works as it should going straight through to the dashboard.

add a crosscheck routine after import?

Hey @AndyT – yeah, it doesn’t happen often, but I’ve been bitten by case sensitivity related to MySQL table and column names.

This reply has more info and a link to documentation:

As I understand it, Windows is case insensitive, but issues can arise when changing to a different, unix-y environment and back.

As a general rule of thumb to allow maximum portability, I’d recommend having all the table names for your WordPress sites default to lowercase letters.

Hope that gives you some more context around this wacky issue!

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