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No WP Dashboard after clicking on Admin Button

After importing a life website - content folder and sql file that was zipped.
All works except when trying to access the WP Dashboard throught local Admin, I see the website
but no WP dashboard for me to do changes etc.

any help would be great

did you figure out the problem? i’m having same issue

Yes I found a Solution by chance.


  1. Go into Local Dashboard
  2. Click on ADMIN
  3. Still in Local dashboard - go the the Menu - DATABASE
  4. Then Click on Open Adminer
  5. Click on Select wp—usermeta
  6. Then in the menu above - click on Select Data
  7. Change all wp---- name to the same as your original SQL database

Example your sql data base was wpuser_ users
but local is wpUser_user - click on edit and change it back to wpuser_user

Make sure you change all the wp to match your sql database

Hope this works for you.

so do I have to go into my Wordpress website and see what my sql database names are and change it on local to the same names as my wordpress database?

Sorry for this late Reply, unfortunately I dont get flagged with local there is a message for me.
The Answer is YES