Database information is empty after import of blueprint

I just imported a blueprint someone shared with me and the database section is empty in the local site.

It’s filled in for all other sites except this one, which was the first one I’ve tried importing. The site itself works great and has no problems, so I assume there’s something else that might be going on there?

Hey Scott,

It pulls this info from app/public/wp-config.php. My guess is that this site is using something like phpdotenv or simply doesn’t have wp-config.php in that path.

If you’re curious this is the regex for DB_NAME (USER, PASSWORD, HOST all follow the same format): /['"]DB_NAME['"], ['"](.+)['"]/g

If it’s the case that it’s grabbing it from wp-config.php, I suggest instead of blank that it offer some helpful information like ‘Not found in wp-config.php’ or something.

Perhaps, it could at least show the root information it created/imported the site with? I went to this database section thinking I’d see the database info I needed to use to connect to the DB, so maybe at minimum it could show Remote Host and Remote Port?

Full disclosure, yes indeed this information is not in wp-config.php, it’s in a local-config.php file instead for this specific site.

Agreed! I’ve just made note of this.

Latest release with stuff addressing this is top notch!

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Glad you like it! :smiley: