Duplicator Pro : Live to Local


Issue Summary

Trying to move a live site to Local with Duplicator pro : having an AJAX error! Code 500

Troubleshooting Questions

Happens with all site when using Duplicator

Have no problem with Duplicator with Live sites, only with Local.

Error message from Duplicator saying " I’m trying to install a newer version of database and/or php to an older one"

But I can’t install the same newer version of MariaDB on Local that the one installed on my host.

(Host Version : 10.6.12-MariaDB / PHP : 8.0.28 Apache )


Installing a new WordPress site with Local then trying to import a live site with Duplicator Pro.
Proble occurs at Installing Database step.

System Details

LOCAL Version : 6.7.0+6354

Using Vivaldi Browser last update

Windows 11

Hi @Fantou

Ben’s details here might be helpful in finding a workaround or the root issue:

We also recommend the free plugin WP Migrate Lite which you can use to create a simple site export that drags and drops right into Local.

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Hi @Nick-B

Thanks for the message and the recommandation. However it would be ok for a simple site but for a bigger one, most of the time I have to use the .daf format for the package with Duplicator which I can’t unzip

The other solution will be to zip myself the site via FTP for example. But then, no need for a transfert plugin :stuck_out_tongue:

For my own curiosity : do you know why is there this problem between Duplicatir and Local?

Have a nice day!

Hi @Fantou

It’s tough to say! All Local really needs to import a site is a wp-content and SQL bundled together. So if you have those you can always zip them up and they should drag and drop right into our App. Sometimes with migration plugins, there may be settings within the plugin or directories within the full site that are conflict with the import.

If your site is really large, as you’ve eluded to, that could be part of the problem as well. If you need to do more of a manual migration into Local, the process could look like this:

  • Unzip the file in a common location, like the desktop. Or use FTP to bring the files to your desktop.
  • Create a new, blank site in Local. Use whatever username/password you like since you’ll overwrite the DB with this site archive’s dump.
  • Copy the wp-content folder from the unzipped location to this newly created site’s location
  • Copy the correct SQL dump to the site root.
  • Within Local, open the site shell
  • Import the dump with wp db import
  • If that works, now Search and replace the domains. wp search-replace ’ https://production.com ’ ‘http:mylocalsite.local’

You could always try reaching out to the Duplicator authors or looking in their forums as well to see if any other users have had similar experiences and resolutions. [Duplicator - WordPress Migration & Backup Plugin] Support | WordPress.org

Hi @Nick-B

Thanks a lot for all these explanations!
I will try this later, for the moment I used the quick solution : “preproduction site create”'s option from my hoster. :sweat_smile:

But I think it will be the best solution for a large site. I already asked Duplicator’s team before and we don’t find a good solution for this…

Anyway, thanks again for your time and help :slight_smile:


Hi @Fantou -

Sounds great! Let us know if you find something that works for you. :green_heart:

For now, should I close this ticket or do you have any other questions?


Hi @sambrockway

Ok I will do this! Yes you can close this ticket, thanks :slight_smile:


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