Deleted Sequel Pro, Databases gone

Dear Support person,

I think I made a huge f%$k up yesterday. I updated OSX and deleted some old apps along the way, to have that extra fresh feeling. Of course I did something I never do: immediately empty the bin. One of those apps was Sequel Pro, to find out today that Local makes use of it. I opened the local website and discovered that the database is gone. Also for other websites. My question is: are the MySQL databases stored in Sequel Pro? Or is there another way to recover the databases? I checked /var/lib/mysql/ and /usr/local/mysql/data/ and those folders don’t exist on my drive.

Hope to here from you.

Kind regards,

Hi there! Sequel Pro accesses Local’s databases but doesn’t host them. Which version of Local are you using?

Adminer is built into Local and is a quick way to access/manage your site database.

Hi, flyjack,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m on 5.2.1.
That’s wht I thought. Strange thing is that I can’t find the databases anywhere. You should think that uninstalling Sequel Pro wouldn’t delete the databases as well…

Hi Matthijs,

The raw database files can be found in the following path:

~/Library/Application Support/Local/run/SITEID/mysql/data

Do you have an application that automatically removes application data when apps are deleted?

Hi Clay,

Thanks for your reply! Not that I know of. Not intentionally. Thanks for the path. I see some files but not something that looks like the environment I was working on.

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