Demo link keeps timing out

How long can demo links stay active? I have a client that I’ve been trying to get to see a demo of their website on the server so I can finish their project. But, every time I send them the link, the tunnel times out and they can’t access it. How long does it stay and is there a way to reactivate the link or make it tunnel last longer?

Hey Brandon,

When you refer to “Demo link”, you mean the “Live link” feature from Local?

If so, ngrok tunnels doesn’t have a timer, it will stay up as long as your computer is on and with internet connection (as far as I know). Timeouts means that his browser was trying to retrieve the page from the server and it didn’t receive a response in time (depends on the browser, it goes normally from 1 to 5 minutes). So for some reason your computer seems to not be serving the website files.
Keep in mind that to be able to see your live link you must:

  • Have the computer on while serving the website through tunneling
  • Have a connection at all times (it can break the connection and lose the domain if the connection fails)
  • Keep Local open while serving the website

If you’re able, try to test on your mobile phone or another computer if the website is running with the live link first before sending it.